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This is a travel blog for people who like adventure, which offering non-touristy destination ideas, tips & travel recommandations.

As a travel enthusiast, passionate about photography, I want to share with you my adventures through my travel’s guides and photographies around the world!

After living in different countries and traveling in several others, I would like to share tips I wish I knew when I started.

My first big adventure was when I left France to live in Brazil and discovered South America. Then I get back to Europe, and lived in Germany, England, and finally in the Netherlands. Currently, I am travelling for one year accross Mexico.

My objective is to take the best out of these experiences to share in this blog my recommended travel itineraries, non-touristy destinations, hidden gems and travel tips.

Nevertheless, in this blog, you won’t find all the famest and most popular places and destinations you can see everywhere. I prefer adventure and visit non-touristy places. This way, you are creating your own unique experience. There’s also more room for surprise, discovering beautiful landscapes you’ve never seen before on social media, while learning more about the country’s cultures and its locals. 

When traveling, some of my main objectives are to avoid mass tourism and to choose a way of traveling that is more respectful of places and environment. So in this blog, I will do my best to reflect that important aspect of my trips. 

This is my definition of traveling, which was summarised perfectly here :

Preferring the path to the destination, and “disappearing” rather than appearing everywhere.” — R. Christin

Non-touristy destination ideas, about my adventures through my travel's guides and photographies.

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